Couples Confidence Mindset Mastery I

How To Transform Your Life And Relationship In 3 Simple Steps

This is the course for you and your partner if:

You both wish to thrive heading into 2021.
You or your partner struggle on how to take action with confidence and get results.
It’s frustrating that you and your partner are not on the same page.
Either of you have business and financial unknowns blocking your success.
You and your partner feel energetically drained and depleted.
You both desire to get back to fun and ease.

Now, take a moment and imagine a world where....

Your dinner table conversation was easy, happy and fun.
You cheered each other on and shared in each other’s successes.
Situations for both of you easily worked in your favor.
Abundance was a natural assumption and you both were on the same page.
You and your partner easily slept through the night.
You smiled, laughed and took a vacation!

My husband Ryan and I are like you.  We have been there.  In 2009 when we both lost our jobs at the same time, we started over from scratch.   We were unprepared financially, and also from a mindset perspective.  But we did the work.  

Then this year, with Covid-19, we were able to move through with much more ease.
I have always said, “Someday when we get our shit together, we will help others.”  
No glass houses here just real talk, stories, tools and tips that we have found that worked and we wish to share with you.

Now is the time.  
Don’t make the mistake of not taking action.

We are ready- are you?  Let’s get started!!!

Melinda And Ryan Van Fleet

Melinda and Ryan Van Fleet lost their corporate jobs at the same time in 2009. Instead of focusing on their setback, they packed their belongings and headed to The Florida Keys to begin the second act they had envisioned.

Ryan Van Fleet built his successful fishing charter business Good Karma Sportfishing, weekly podcast Good Karma Sportfishing Podcast, and thriving community, based on the values of persistence, confidence, collaboration, having fun, and catching big fish!

Melinda Van Fleet is a multi-passionate success coach who built her coaching, speaking, and writing on the values of helping others believe in themselves and take action. Melinda believes many women are stuck and unfulfilled their potential. Check out her two weekly podcasts- Good Karma Success Coach and Crush It In Sales.

Together they make a powerful team helping empower individuals and couples to live their best lives. 

They strongly believe if they can do it, you can do it too.

Course Curriculum