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Fast Start to Writing Success on

So, you are ready to take the world by storm with your writing!  YAY!  Congrats!!!

Getting started on a blogging platform is one of the best things you can do. Here are some reasons why:

—Share your message to help others. It sounds cliche, but it's true!

—Get discovered in search- SEO. Medium has a 86/100 Domain Authority.

—Writing is therapeutic! It can help alleviate mind loops and improve your mental health overall.

—Writing gives you purpose. If it's to get better at writing, fantastic!

—Be part of a community. Writers have a huge supportive community. You will also learn something from what they share.

—Make some money and increase your following!

—Maximize existing content—repurpose.

         How many of these reasons 
               sound good to you?

In This 5 Module Program
Some of the Things You Will Learn Are:

1. Mindset and energetic tips for feeling good, busting fears and limiting beliefs.
2. Writing tools, tips, and the SEO basics you need to excellerate your success.
3. Medium platform functions, community and publications.
4. Step by step—how to set up and submit an article- including links, tags, photos, etc.
5. Mindset and tactical tips on how to review your stats for faster success.
6. Planning and mindset tips to alleviate stress, overwhelm and triggers.

And more...

In Addition- 
I openly share my Medium account, so you can see what it looks like after less than three weeks back on the platform.
(I had left and came back on—which I also share.)

Why Am I Sharing My Account? 
It's important to have a realistic view, so you can set realistic expectations and get excited! Trying to copy someone who started something years ago in a blue ocean can be disappointing. 
The world is different now and we need realistic goals and expectations so the energetics are in alignment. You should feel good about yourself vs. frustrated, overwhelmed, sad, or discouraged. #truth.
I want you to know—YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

What Do Clients Say About My Programs?

Melinda recently conducted a virtual workshop for our group of professional women. The topic was "Overcoming Limiting Beliefs" and Melinda really delivered! Her approach is always positive, encouraging and ultimately motivational, and she presented fresh ideas even for those of us who were somewhat familiar with the topic. Thank you, Melinda!
—Patricia Milian

I had already been a dedicated follower of Melinda's podcast when we reached out to her about speaking at one of our events.  Melinda spoke to our sales field during a special training event on the ways the comparison trap may be holding them back in their business and ways to overcome it. Her training was so well received by our field and they absolutely fell in love with her. We can't wait to have her back for another training event!
—Rachel Fuller

If Melinda's enthusiasm and positivism are not enough, she also gives you the push necessary to plan for and execute your dreams. Thank you, Melinda, for inspiring me to dream again and take up my journal.
—Carolyn De Paula

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