Manifestation Activations

Are You Looking for Next Level Results?
Have you tried energetic activations yet?  

Energy healing and working with a certified energy practitioner is the new lifestyle and Ahai 7D energy is next level.  

A Whole New Frequency

Melinda Van Fleet is a certified Ahai 7D practitioner and a certified life and business coach/mentor and business consultant.  

She works privately (via Zoom or in person) with Ahai 7D energy which clears your energy, helps you heal, and also amplifies your goals and desires so they manifest faster.  

It is effortless to the client as the goal of sending Ahai 7D to others is to help reactivate them to their own magic.  

As Melinda says, "It's like putting lighter fluid 
on your charcoals." 

If you are excited and ready for next level results in your life and business and to work with a certified practitioner- use the link below and Melinda will email you back to schedule your appointment.  

Sessions are approximately an hour.

$500 for one session

Read what clients are saying below:
(Results vary and are based on the individual. These are not medical claims.)