Ascend & Activate Your Business Workshops

Like No Other!

Hi! I'm Melinda...

You could say I have been around the block a few times. 
Not only in my business and my joint business with my husband, but seeing what's going on out there and understanding how I can help...
AND!!! what would be unique, fun and transformative!

So, this incredible came to me through  surrendering to The Universe
to host monthly activate and ascend workshops!

In-person in the beautiful Florida Keys and on Zoom.

These powerful 3 hour workshops will not only help you on the 3D level, but also provide clearing and activation on the 7D level with Ahai 7D Energy.

Everyone must attend a L1 to move to L2- Why?
L1 is the grounding intro and includes Human Design chart pulling and basics.
L2 is meant to continue to receive Ahai 7D Energy clearings and activations as well as continue to work on your dreams and goals.
Accountability, tweaks, conversation, dreaming bigger, 
new tips and tools, and more!!!

Let's be real—the majority of people attend a conference, watch a video/FB Live, read a book, or take a course (if they even complete it)
and don't take action or implement.

Attending these workshops regularly change that behavior, 
create new patterns and momentum which leads to success!

Are YOU Ready?

Below are the links by level and date:

L1 Saturday March 25th 9 am to noon EST

Links below for April! Join mailing list to stay in the loop- email at [email protected]
In-person location is J Kindred Art Gallery in Islamorada MM86.5 Bayside

L1 Saturday April 8th 9 am to noon EST
L2 Saturday April 22nd 9 am to noon EST

What are people saying? Read below. And if you have further questions?
Email me at [email protected]