Private One on One Coaching

SHHH! Don't tell anyone, but...

Against the opinion of many coaches, I don't always believe in niching.


Because, often, elements of your success and transformation may be reliant on working through something else, i.e. layers!

And you may desire to work on multiple things, so why would you spend 
time and money with multiple coaches? Simplify to maximize!

Through my content, I shares stories, tips, and tools on various challenges we all have from time to time.
The key is, the ability to move through these challenges
and transform.

That's The Magic!

And, don't feel bad, sometimes we all need a little help.

So, here is a list of some of the things I can help you with!
Think it it as a menu without the calories.

Primary through Southwestern Coaching:
—Sales Strategy including areas such as Referrals, Closing, etc.
—Organization, Time Management, Overwhelm

—Leaderships, Recruiting, Team Development

Additional Topics I Can Help You With:
—Social Media and Content Creation
—Small Business Set Up and Momentum
—Writing- Book and/or Blog
—Self-Publishing (Without a 3rd Party/Hybrid)
—SEO/Website Tips/Strategy
—Public Speaking and Video Strategy
—Weight Release/Appearance
—Spiritual Growth/Intuition/Meditation

—Also! Entrepreneurship for Young Adults

PS- I always infuse and embody Confidence and Mindset tips.

What Are the Results of Working With Me?  

 I will help you:
1. Become aware of what's holding you back
2. Develop your intuition
3. Develop a success plan that works for you

Most people live in pain and denial...
Awareness AND Understanding are the first steps,
so it doesn't appear again.


We will work together to develop a blueprint (between my methodology and what you need) to move forward so you can feel better, shift your mindset and energy, build confidence, and take fast action.
—Beyond Basics—  

Stop wasting time living in an
 "I'm fine comma."
Get from Stuck to Success!

What Others Say...

Being mentored by Melinda was a game changer for me! I worked with Melinda, as a Sales Account Manager, in the Fashion/Home Décor Industry. I was new to wholesale and I was extremely overwhelmed. Melinda stepped up and taught me how to be productive with my time, and navigate the challenges of a sales person in an ever changing world. Through that process I became a much more confident sales woman and a top performing SAM. She continues to stay relevant and inspiring through the education she provides on Linked, Podcast, and as a Career Coach. I am grateful that she continues to teach "actionable" techniques that inspire me each day because she has made a difference in my career. -Vicky Lynn

Timing is everything! Melinda and I connected just when I needed it. After losing my job, she helped me refocus, reenergize, and get my priorities back on track. She listened to me, asked hard questions, and challenged me where I needed to be challenged. She helped me discover myself and live life with clarity, focus, and purpose.  -Lisa Nelson

Melinda is authentic by sharing her journey to find confidence for herself with all its victories and the trials that she has faced over the years. Melinda’s coaching style is genuine, and she offers achievable, step by step actions you can take to find build confidence to be your best self. She stresses the importance of taking action and doing the hard work to build your confidence. I will continue to be inspired by Melinda as she coaches women to be more confident so each one of us can pursue our calling. -Dawn Grooters

If you would like to schedule a discovery call- please email me at [email protected] and we can set up a time or
 use my link below to schedule: