Manifest Your Dream- Online Community

Manifest Your Dreams (formerly "New Codes" Collective) is
THE Quantum Community for How to Manifest Your Best Life & Business

I am so excited to help you learn about new frequency codes, tools, belief systems, intuition, and more!

March dates: Sunday 5th 6:30 pm EST and Ahai 7D Energy Session (non-recorded) 17th 6:30 pm EST.

This is for people who wish to develop their spiritual gifts (such as intuition)
and use them in their life and business so they can achieve results faster without overwhelm.

Here is a small taste of some of the conversations inside the container:

—How can I clear, protect my energy and keep balanced throughout the day?  

—How can I increase my abundance with money, relationships and other opportunities?

—Freedom to safely ask questions that you are not able to get answers about regularly or at all.

—Consistent conversations and ideas in alignment to your goals.

If these are some of the questions you are asking yourself AND you want to manifest your best life and business— 
this monthly mastermind w/ bonus Ahai 7D Energy Session is for you.  

No more excuses— 
Take this time to be intentional with your goals and dreams and make it happen!

It’s a once a month call (online via Zoom- recorded/lifetime access), with Ahai 7D Energy session (Zoom- non-recorded) 
and a Voxer Group for in between community, support/questions, sharing wins, tips, and more.

Monthly $88 a month
Three months PIF is $220 (one month 1/2 price)
Six months PIF is $440 (one month free and Bonus Activation)  

This is an amazing community- Beyond Basic! 

Brain Rewiring Tips, Manifestation, Higher Self, Frequencies, Time Lines, Surrendering, and more!

Click the link above that works for you.